Blackjack Baseball

UX/UI Designer

School taught me how to be a graphic designer, but Boost was the first project that taught me what it meant to be a product designer.


Baseball Blackjack is a casual strategy game that uses core Blackjack mechanics overlaid with a baseball themed strategy game.

I led the UX/UI design for the gameplay screen, card manager, record book, and store. My responsibilities included translating the gameplay mechanics into wireframes and user flows, defining the overall visual style, and creating UI game assets.

Gameplay wireframes & flows

Originally the gameplay and mechanics were communicated to developers and artists through a game design doc. I translated the document to wireframe flows to help my teammates better visualize how the game works and to bring to light the visual assets needed.

I also created a video to show the animations and interactions required to clearly communicate to players what was happening in the game.

Look and feel

The game’s story follows two kids and their baseball careers. I wanted the visuals to convey the nostalgic feeling of playing in the little league as a child. The Sandlot and vintage baseball cards (which worked perfectly with the game’s theme) came to mind immediately. I wanted to use soft, muted pastels, worn-out neutrals and vintage graphics/illustrations to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

UI assets

Based on the moodboard, i skinned the low-fi wires to match the vintage baseball theme.

Gameplay hifi

Below are some gameplay screens. As other artists were responsible for creating the card illustrations, I had to make sure the overall UI aesthetics also worked cohesively with existing illustrations.

Illustrations in cards by Samuel RL. Team logos designed by Chris Betancourt

Card manager hifi screens

I also led the UI/UX design for the card manager, an area where players can view and manage their decks.

Card manager interaction flow

In progress designs

Baseball Blackjack is currently still in the works. Other features that are still a work in progress include the Record Book, which keeps tabs on player scores, and the Store, where players can purchase new cards and game accessories. Below are some designs in progress.

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